Monday, January 22, 2007

-jealousy gets the better of me-

what does two cute chih-tzus, two pretty *japanese girls and a nintendo wii have in common? aku pun tak tahu sebenarnya, (hehe) tapi they all were featured in my (mis)adventures today at mid valley. aidil (SDAR) yang ajak aku keluar tapi he feckin' didn't show up sebab ada issues wif his significant other (QC SSP) and i was so frustrated, i went in by myself!

but things really took a turn for the better, tho'. firstly i got to try out the wii (whee!) tennis, and i won a set! haha! next up, lovely *japanese girls posing cutely, bishou style depan camera aku... more than i can take! to top it off, menang hair coloriser (such a word) from the organisers, GATSBY... bile nak kaler rambut ni? hehe...

had fun, lovely ladies, cool games, modded cars... haih, what more can a guy possibly want? secret recipe's heavenly banana choc, of course! erp! kenyang... hehe... and i met up with cloud (me old roommate) at the gatsby thing, pastu pegi tengok pets, die nak beli ikan-ikanan (tak beli pon)... and then we went upstairs... and there were cute dogs!!! hehe! really cute lor.... wish we muslims can bela them, but hukum IS hukum... being a guy, surrounded by cutesy dogs, would be embarassing for some, but definitely NOT, if you believe it, for me... hah...

ya Allah, kuatkanlah kesabaranku, aku terlalu tempted to balik manjung! six years, never nampak batamg idung korang, except for afi... haih... i really miss u guys... cant be described wif words... well, you get some, you lose some...

well, goodbye for now... layan emo... sob...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

-wild night out-

hey guys, long time no typin'! guess why? sibuk berjoli lah katakan! now, where did i went to last week? won two ticks to Samsons' concert, went with illya syahida and her bibik (donno her name tho') pastu terlupa nak bawak cam nak ambik gambar... cheh...

well, that was remedied by the fact that i was one of the recipients to an invite to AKON's gig at Ruums, KL! i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the e-mail that said that i can go to the gig (wif a friend la)... biasela, kan skarang banyak spam? so, i didn't take it too seriously (i DID join the contest @ and waited...
and called illya... and told my friends, who were instantly and completely jealous, cuz i'm going and they're not! haha, sorry guys...

and monday came... i had plan, sorta like a chain-of-events thing going on in my overlarge brain, and macam-macam was happening there... (i even had this vision we are gonna be rushed by the police for not being 21...) but... tough... i called illya a dozen times to confirm, IM'ed her at work, and offered to be at wisma genting (her workplace) by six (the show starts at 8.30). she said yeah but i should come a li'l bit later cuz she got a land banking seminar going on til late... i said ok yeah i'll come by at seven and she said yeah cool and i could sembahyang maghrib as well... and at 3.30, the OFFICIAL INVITES came thru post! OhMyGod!!! aku menjerit cam orang gile, from the mailbox until i went upstairs... i came to her office, called and waited (at 6.30), she went to sembahyang asar, i melados kat luar... hehe... and after a walton's talk (ya don't wanna know...) we went like crazy kids on crack!

sampai je kat ruums, i said to myself, ya Allah! ramainye orang Q! bile lah boleh masuk ni!?!?!? but we went, to the back of the line, until we hit the parking area... in the basement... about 600 metres from the elevator, which was 50 metres from the entrance... whew... while waiting we melados some more (lucky just bought marl 14) and... talked... yeah, and dengar mp3.. she was like..
but luckily there were songs that she listened to...

and finally, at about 9.45, amid great ketakpuashatian from the revellers (lama gile Q beb!) we got in! and illya was screaming like what... she just when crazy, man! and when 'lonely' came in, she was UNSTOPPABLE! lucky i suruh die ambik gambar akon and took a movie too :-)...

we had a shirley temple (share2 la... mahal beb) and took tons of pics... can't believe we were there... cilok menu... haha, macam budak-budak pulak... but i left it all inside the taxi we boarded to get home (no trains after 11.30, duh!!!)...

by the way, there were two black dudes we met outside the club before we boarded the taxi, and illya started to make small talk with them... they exchanged mobile nums and she told me one guy hit on her asking for tak senonoh things... see? thats what you get for talking to strangers!!! haha...

alamak, ngantuk la pulak... well, until next time...

and i sampai rumah nak dekat kul 1 wooo... fu**ing trains!!!

going melados now... bye...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

-now THAT'S what i call lucky-

ah-ha!! today was not bad, good actually. the pic on top is actally taken by a.j. (my x-classmate) when we've gone to klcc yesterday, and what fun we had! saw the sinking of japan, enjoyed it but at the same time pissed off (cuz the hero wont shag the heroine for the first and last time before he died... drat!!!), chillin', caught up, just doing nothing i guess (smoking a pack of mrlboro 14's doesn't qualify)...

so, that was yesterday...

today, i woke up early after sleeping erly the night before (wah!!! first time one-lah!), gone for a walk in the park, ate tosai and chapati at my fave mamak, n waited for fly FM's cue-to-call for the french thingy... (french freak? yeah, i know).. and suddenly i heard one, so i called, see, from two phones: house phone and my mobile... the mobile kinda interfered with the reception from the land-line, so i turned the little bugger off... then, i heard the dj say 'hello? who's on the line?'!

i cannot believe it! first time winning something!

azz_21: this is azahari.
dj: hey azahari! youve just won ____________ on saturday @ kl sentral! woohooo! tell me, have you won anything from FlyFM in the past 30 days?!
azz_21: nope...
dj: it's settled then!
azz_21: hey, thanks so much guys! (kinda disappointed)
dj: (wo hoo) you are very welcome! who're you gonna bring that nite?!
azz_21: i dunno... maybe i'll bring my friend who's having his burfday on saturday...
dj: thats great! say happy burpday to him from us!
azz_21: ok...

(the dj takes my particulars, routine stuff, yada yada yada)

dj: have fun!!
azz_21: i will! bye!

-end of conversation-

i still cannot believe it...

i hear ya thinkin':

1) he won, but he's underaged
2) he won, but lost(?)
3) he won, but hung up before the dj got his particulars
4) for whatever reason, he's disappointed....

but the fact of the matter is, i won two ticks to see samsons this saturday!!!(?)
yay, i guess... but i don't really* like them... and i cannot win any prizes from FlyFM for a whole month... so, no french trip fer me, unless somebody wants to join forces wif me (cackle!!!)... i'll hear the phrase of the day, tell ya, you call the station, and tell them d answer, and boom! we're on a trip for two to toulouse, france to see d new airbuses!!! woohoo!!! any takers?

anywayz, i have to collect the ticks maself t sentral... when? i dunno... n i do hope it'll not be B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

hell, it'll be fun, i know it... i can feel the Force...

now, back to my futile attempts to cari keje... ade keje kosong tak? preferably mph or any other KNOWN bookstore... please.. i need the moolah...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

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Monday, January 01, 2007

-embarking to new uncharted territories-

i wanna job! i want money for weekends! i want something to do, not being terperap kat umah je... chez moi is soooo boring now, i constantly go out (if pitis allows) n in order to get pitis, u mintak FaMa... not forever, obviously...

so last nite, in progress of searching d birthday presents for my 4 year old cuz, my father saw a 'job vacancy for customer assistant' at MPH midval... seeing as how illya n kambing (my dormmate) have jobs, its hightime i got myself a respectable job, n mph presented that oppportuinity... my mom said ok, my father suggested i get my nose in, so everythings ok, n the interview is tomorrow (aku nak sampai sane time midval memule bukak) n bring ape2 patot so i can clinch it... kalu tak dapat, eragon will be waiting upstairs at GSC cinema...

i'm thinking of bringing someone who already has a job to teman me, kambing takleh, aku takde nombor die... illya can, but i need to ask her out, maybe blanja her in the process... well, i'm definitely not going alone!!

its not (really) actually abot the money... ntahlah... aku tengok sume org keje/plkn, terase berkenan pulak... haih...

anyway, thats my cuz atas tue.. anak pakcu aku (yang threaten aku tuh) she's 4 today, n tadi gi umah die makan nasik ayam, mak die masak... well, blog readers, aku nak apply keje esok! wish me luck, hope not too nervous lah tomorrow!!!