Tuesday, September 18, 2007

life in the fast(ing) lane...

life in university, compared with school, is, well, fascinating at best and frustrating at worst. you live on your own, eat, drink, sleep, and most importantly, STUDY and DO ASSIGNMENTS on your own.

you have your friends, classmates and buddies, but hey, you gotta be indie to survive. why the heck am i saying this? cuz i'm feeling the heat man. last minute work, sleep at 4 the night before a test, and exhaustion are just some of the cruder points of life here. some may just breeze it, tend to be more relaxed, but somehow my brain an't digest that fact. come on, man! have FUN! peer pressure! lets do this, lets watch that. being away from control is ironically not good. my previous life in a boarding school is testimony enough.

the matter of the fact is, although life has become much more relaxed, the same cant be said for me. sure, i've gon e to ANOTHER concert (gwen stefani!!!!!!!!!!!!), i had to skip two afternoon classes, and i felt as if missing two important episodes of "Pre law 101".

Haih. Unexplainable. Weird, my life is now. Currently, the faasting month is providing me with the opportunity to get my life back on track whilst keeping my frame in check, :-). and every morning i feel as if i'm on speedball. tres chic! fortunately my classmates jumped on the bandwagon and joined in on the endless stream of liberal unprotected fun. you know what i'm sayin'?

lets hope that this semester will NOT be a preview of bigger things to come. like anastacia sang, "im sick and tired of always being sick and tired."

bloggos, peace out. Salam alaikum.

p.s. my premiere post apres 5 months AWOL. pergh.